LX300-Printer LX300-Printer

Element Demo-R&D Printer Thermal LX300 ETh/SER/USB..

R1,898 Ex Tax: R1,650

PL-1500T TM-1500T9P-CAP)

Poslab 15''PCAP Touch Monitor; USB Interface; Res 1024*768; VESA 75 Compatible..

R6,009 Ex Tax: R5,225


Poslab Wall Mount Bracket for PL-1500T..

R497 Ex Tax: R432

PL-1500T-MSR 7268MSR00000

Poslab Integrated 3-Track MSR for PL-1500T..

R628 Ex Tax: R546

PL-1500T-VFD 72PL68000000

Poslab Integrated VFD For PL-1500T..

R1,057 Ex Tax: R919

PL-200FS 01PL20R00001

Poslab 20x2 Line VFD/Pole Display; RS232 Interface..

R1,480 Ex Tax: R1,287

PL-260N 6108-TP2600A

Poslab 3'' Thermal Receipt Printer; Autocut; 260mm/s; USB; LAN & RS-232..

R1,632 Ex Tax: R1,419

PL-4608-ITIC1500+5205-W6615012 4608-ITIC1500+5205-W6615012

Poslab Spare Part: WavePOS68 PCAP Touch panel 15'' with front bezel..

R1,896 Ex Tax: R1,649


FOC PL-260N PSU for Thermal Printer (Spare parts)...

R5,059 Ex Tax: R4,399

PL-MP5000 PL-MP5000

Poslab MP-5000 Mobile POS Device..

R6,995 Ex Tax: R6,083


Poslab 3 Track MSR; USB (MSR-250)..

R925 Ex Tax: R804

PL-VFD22018U PD2020

Poslab 20x2 Line VFD/Pole Display; USB Interface PD2020..

R1,359 Ex Tax: R1,182

PL-WP68-15T DUAL10 WM1100

Poslab 10.1 LCD Secondary Monitor for WP68-J6412 15T Non Touch..

R2,770 Ex Tax: R2,409

PL-WP68-15T-J6412 PL-WP68-15T-J6412

WavePos68 with Celeron10th Gen. J6412 Quad Core 2.6Ghz. Slim2.5'' SSD 128GB;RAM 4GB;15 touch LCD wit..

R9,816 Ex Tax: R8,536

PL-WP68-AC Adaptor 4302-321205A9

Poslab Spare Part PL-WP68-15T-J1900-AC Adaptor..

R393 Ex Tax: R342

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